Since the foundation of the enterprise we optimised our service portfolio to meet our customers and market requirements achieving continuous dynamic increase.

2001 Foundation as direct importer of advertising articles from Asia
2004 Foundation of our subsidiary Kandinsky France SARL in Paris
2005 Acquisition of Baumgärtel & Partner GmbH, Düsseldorf
2005 Acquisition of FRED FOX AG, Düsseldorf
2006 Start of our full service business (warehouse capacity 400 sqm)
2007 Foundation of Kandinsky (HK) Ltd., Hong Kong
2008 Relocation of the headquarters to the new premises in Düsseldorf, Königsberger Straße
2008 Opening of the Kandinsky office in Hamburg
2008 Extension of our full service capacities (warehouse capacity 2.000 sqm)
2015 Merger of Baumgärtel & Partner GmbH and Kandinsky Deutschland GmbH